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Cell phone battery is not durable reasons

1. Unless power off,otherwise do not charge: the normal use of electricity to the screen 20% of the need to charge, or easy to cause damage to the battery, greatly reducing the battery life.

2. Charging all night: will keep the battery fully charged, will speed up the loss of battery capacity.

3. Reduce the times of charging to extend the battery life: the general lithium-ion battery life of up to hundreds  or thousands of times the charge and discharge cycle (that mean run out of power after full charging,whole process ), because no memory effect can be charged at any time to help Extend battery life.

4. While charging, playing on the phone: it'll extend the phone charging time and hurt the phone, the screen backlight is the largest mobile phone power source. While playing the side of the charge, the phone will automatically determine the main power supply to the power consumption of more screen backlight, resulting in the battery charge slower, mobile phone will produce heat, resulting in the overall mobile phone temperature, and the temperature is the original electronic Device killer.

5. All kinds of chargers can be mixture used: be sure to use the original charger, they can keep  the protection of the battery safety. Charger quality uneven, there is instability, etc., the battery have a certain impact, or even poor battery will cause an explosion.


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