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General FAQs for battery lithium ion(3) 

What is the impact of overcharge on battery performance?
Overcharge is the battery after a certain charging process is fully charged, and then continue to charge the behavior.

As in the design, the negative capacity is higher than the positive capacity, so the gas produced by the positive electrode is separated from the cadmium produced by the negative electrode through the separator paper. Therefore, the internal pressure of the battery will not be significantly increased, but if the charging current is too large, or charging time is too long, the oxygen is too late to be consumed, it may cause internal pressure, battery deformation, And other undesirable phenomena. At the same time, its electrical performance will be significantly reduced.

What is the effect of overdischarge on battery performance?

The battery put the internal storage of electricity, the voltage reaches a certain value, continue to discharge will cause over-discharge, usually according to the discharge current to determine the discharge cut-off voltage. 0.2C-2C discharge is generally set to 1.0V / support, 3C or more, such as 5C or 10C discharge set to 0.8V / support, the battery over discharge may bring catastrophic consequences to the battery, especially high current over discharge, or Repeated over discharge on the battery even greater impact. In general, the over-discharge will increase the battery pressure, positive and negative active material reversible damage, even if the charge can only be partially restored, the capacity will be significantly attenuated.

What are the problems with different battery packs?

If the different capacity or old and new batteries mixed with the use, there may be leakage, zero voltage and so on. This is due to the charging process, the capacity difference caused by charging some batteries are overcharged, some batteries are not fully charged, the discharge capacity of the battery is not fully discharged, and the capacity is too low to be put. Such a vicious cycle, the battery is damaged and leakage or low (zero) voltage.

What is the explosion of the battery How to prevent the battery explosion?
Any part of the battery inside the solid material instantaneous discharge, was pushed to the distance of more than 25cm from the battery, known as the explosion. Determine the battery explosion or not, using the following conditions experiment. Will be a screen cover the experimental battery, the battery is in the middle, from the side of the grid for any 25cm. The density of the mesh is 6-7 root / cm, and the wire is made of soft aluminum wire with a diameter of 0.25mm. If the solid part of the experiment is not covered by the net, it is proved that the battery has not exploded.


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