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Differences between one-shot battery and secondary battery?

The electrochemical determines whether the cells of this type are rechargeable or not, and the reactions between the internal structures of the true rechargeable batteries are reversible based on their electrochemical composition and electrode structure. In theory, this reversibility is unaffected by the number of cycles, since the charge and discharge can cause reversible changes in the electrode volume and structure, the internal design of the rechargeable battery must support this change, since the primary battery only A discharge, its internal structure is much simpler and does not need to support this change, therefore, can not be used to charge a battery, this approach is very dangerous and not economical, if you need to repeatedly use, you should choose rechargeable batteries, this The battery can also be called a secondary battery or storage battery.
Another obvious difference is their energy and load capacity, and self-discharge rate, secondary battery energy is much higher than a battery, however, their load capacity is relatively small.


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