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Li ion Battery Pack

  • UPS Battery 48V 100AH
  • UPS Battery 48V 100AH
UPS Battery 48V 100AHUPS Battery 48V 100AH

UPS Battery 48V 100AH

  • Model:UPS Battery 48V 100AH
  • Normal Capacity:100Ah
  • Cells:Lipo 09185190F
  • Combination Type:15S4P
  • Product description: UPS Battery 48V 100AH is from Angle which is a Professional Li-ion batteries,Ni-MH batteries,Battery Packs manufacturer and exporter in china!

UPS Battery 48V 100AH

Main Parameters:
1. Battery type: Polymer
2. Battery type: 09185190F
3. Battery pack size: 482.6 * 442 * 385mm (contain shell)
4. N.W: 42KG
5. Maximum continuous discharge current: 50A
6. End off Discharge voltage: 40V

Following battery cells for reference:

Battery Widely used in consumer electronics and industrial products such as notebook computers, power bank, digital cameras, movable  lighting,RC,thermal cloth, communications equipment, electric bicycles, power tools and so on. Single cell capacity from 500 to 2600mAh, high safety performance, Memory, consistency, environmental protection economy, can be customized according to customer requirements and OEM / ODM solutions.


1)Rechargeable.Much higher reliable and safety performance.

2)Environmental Protection.

3)Shape and technique customized

4)High working voltage.

5)High Capacity.

6)Good discharge characteristic

7)Little Internal Resistance

8)Little Self Discharge

9)Sustainable development

10)High specific energy

11)Cycle life 1000-2000times

Stringent Production Management for High end qualtiy.For Long-term Business relationship Only.

Li ion batteries passed Initial Performance Test,Cycle Life,Leakage-Proof Test,Vibration ,Drop Test,Crush Test,

Short Circuit Test(Both ℃20 and 60℃),Impact Test,Forced Discharge Test,Nail Pricking Test etc More than 10Tests.


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