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3.6V ER Battery

  • ER Battery ER17335M 3.6V 1500mAh
ER Battery ER17335M 3.6V 1500mAh

ER Battery ER17335M 3.6V 1500mAh

  • Model:ER17335M 3.6V
  • Rated Voltage:3.6V
  • Use Temp:-55 to 85 degree centigrade
  • Storage Period: Over 10 years
  • Product description: ER Battery ER17335M 3.6V 1500mAh is from Angle which is a Professional Li-ion batteries,Ni-MH batteries,Battery Packs manufacturer and exporter in china!

ER Battery:

ER Battery chemical name Li-SOCI2, referred to as lithium sub-battery. Because of its special chemical properties, passivation effect, the annual self-discharge current is less than 1%, storage life of more than 10 years, so widely used in water meters, meters and gas meter to do power.
Lithium sub-battery is a one-shot battery, not rechargeable.

1) energy type
2) Power type
3) button type
4) High capacity energy type
5) high temperature type


1) High voltage (3.6V)  and stable
2) higher than the energy, discharge stable
3) use a wide range (-60-150 degrees Celsius)
4) low self-discharge rate, long storage period (annual self-discharge rate of 2%; storage period of 10 years or more)
5) environmental protection (excluding mercury, cadmium, lead and other harmful heavy metals, no pollution)

Major Applications:
1) meter, water meter
2) heat meter, gas meter
3) safe registration system, storage
4) computer clock, automatic toll collection system
5) tracking system buoy, emergency positioning system


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